Alquilar Kia Rio en Guayaquil

kia rio alquilar en guayaquil

The automatic Kia Rio car rental is used for tourism. Many users are looking for it since it has a 6-speed automatic transmission and more comfortable changes. It is an elegant, original and powerful car. It stands out in automatic Kia Rio car rental because there are 2 attractive colors such as electric blue and a raging red. Another interesting aspect is that the frames of the headlights are fog lights, they have halogen headlights and different LED lights. Its measurements are 4.06 meters long by 1.72 meters wide and 1.45 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.58 meters. When you think of Kia Rio automatic car rental at the moment you sit in front of the wheel you will realize that it is covered in leather, as are the seats. The most striking thing is that it has a larger 8-inch multimedia screen and a rear view camera.