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These are the best places in Guayaquil to eat typical Ecuadorian coastal food:

1. TIA NONA - Guayaquil Restaurant

Dirección: Av. de las americas, Cdla. Simón Bolívar Mz. 4, Sl. 17
Specialists typical Ecuadorian food lunches, à la carte. Friday and Saturday fries sausage delicious broth.
An ideal place for meetings, buffet service
Air Conditioning in all subject areas
Contac: Sonia Nuñez
Phone: 085706245 - 6025985

2. UNIPARK HOTEL- Guayaquil Restaurant

Gastronomic Festival 2010 - My Guayaquil Flavors
Guayaquil welcome to enjoy its delicious gastronomic heritage and its rich cultural roots..
Date: Wednesday June 30, 2010
Time: 19H00
Venue: Salon The Park
You can enjoy the entire month of July of the best traditional food Guayaquilena.
The best food at the party found her in guayaquil UNIPARK.
The Gastronomical Festival 2010 My Guayaquil Flavors

3. Guayaquil de Mis Amores - Guayaquil Restaurant

Adress: Las Peñas del Café Bar Guayaquil de mis Amores en Plaza Colon 222 al pie del monumento.
Bar, Café, Gallery, open weekends, good food, ideal for meetings or birthday celebrations.
Contac :
Silvia Velez
Email :

4. Lo Nuestro - Guayaquil Restaurant

(Víctor Emilio Estrada y Higueras) en Urdesa Central. It has a great variety of seafood. Lobster, Shrimp Ceviche, Oysters and more traditional food such as tortillas, green coast, stew and rice with seafood. Eat well here for about $ 10 per person.

5. La Canoa en el Hotel Continental - Guayaquil Restaurant

Great place to experience typical Ecuadorian food, try the Seco de Chivo, Guatita, arroz con menestra con carnes, seco de gallina, caldo de salchicha and la cazuela.

6. Several Recommended - Guayaquil Restaurant

Cafe de Tere - Ceviche de Marcelo - Cangrejal Ochipinte - Pollos Hebras - Pollos Encanto - Yulan Caldo de Salchicha - Parrillada del Ñato.


Guayaquil Address: Avenida de las Américas. Cdla. Simón Bolívar Mz: 4 Solar 25. Among Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport and Convention Center in Guayaquil Simon Bolivar
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