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Guide for the visiting ecuadorian Guayaquil 2008

- 7 tips to renting a car in Guayaquil

- Six steps to find that cheap flight to Ecuador from the States or Europe we all dream about

Beaches of Ecuador

- The six can’t miss beaches of the sun route on the coast of Ecuador

- Four cool things to do on the Sun Coast of Ecuador

- Need to know tips to travel the Sun Route of Ecuador

Fun in Guayaquil

- The Guayaquil nightlife guide

- The three best clubs to take a date

- Seven unique places to take dates in Guayaquil

- Typical Ecuadorian coastal food

What's new in Guayaquil

- The ten biggest changes of Guayaquil in the last few years

What to buy in and out of Ecuador

- What to buy in Ecuador?

- What to bring to Ecuador as a gift

- Where to buy in Guayaquil

Tips to help speed up your emigration paper work

- Tips on how and where to get the most needed documents for immigration purposes

- To renew current documents

- How to get Ecuadorian dual citizenship for your children (of Ecuadorian citizens)?

- What are the benefits of getting dual Ecuadorian citizenship for my child?

Tips on buying and selling real estate in Guayaquil

- Tips on how to buy and sell real estate in Guayaquil, Ecuador

- How do you finance your home?

- Where to live, in an enclosed neighborhood or the city?

- Tips on how to sell your home at the highest price in Ecuador

- How to know the real value of your home in Guayaquil

- The most important documents in a real estate sale in Ecuador

- Tips on how to sell a home in Ecuador from Spain or the US.

- How can I publicize my property in order to sell it without being in Ecuador?

- What do I need to do in order to have someone act for me legally in Ecuador?

Tips para escoger un lugar para un evento

- General tips

- Comparison between places and prices

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