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In the city of Guayaquil, agree to enter into this Lease of vehicles, those who sign appearing on the face of this instrument to those who may call as the Company and the Customer as appropriate, those who accept and undertake to comply with the following clauses:

FIRST: BACKGROUND The Company CARMAX .- RENT A CAR is a company that aims to hire vehicles to individuals and corporations, whether domestic or foreign.

SECOND: OBJECTIVE .- With this background the Company gives the tenant leases a vehicle comprising the features on the front of this to tell.

III.-PRICE: The fair price agreed by the contracting parties for each day of rental vehicle described in the previous clause is the amount to be fixed in advance and remove legal tender currency (U.S. dollars), payments may be cash or credit card which was affiliated with the Company.

Guayaquil Address: Avenida de las Américas. Cdla. Simón Bolívar Mz: 4 Solar 25. Among Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport and Convention Center in Guayaquil Simon Bolivar
Guayaquil Ecuador: (5934) 292 4980 - 292 4996 - 292 4995 Cel.: 0999616161 - 0999616161

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